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The CPS Principal Eligibility Process is currently being updated. Please check back in mid-October 2015 for more information.

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The Best and Brightest Leaders for Our Schools

At the Chicago Public Schools, our mission is to ensure that every child in every community has access to a high-quality education and graduates ready for college, career and life. To fulfill, this mission we need school leaders who are bold, entrepreneurial and innovative, with a deep sense of responsibility and commitment -- not only to the students in their schools, but also to the communities in which their schools reside.

CPS principals are a key catalyst for change in our district. We provide them with the supports and flexibility they need to be successful, including allowing them to implement district-wide initiatives in ways that makes sense for their individual school environments. With this level of autonomy comes a high level of responsibility and accountability, along with generous rewards for those who succeed in boosting student achievement within their schools.

Join the CPS Team!

Our principal hiring process is highly selective, and we are seeking great leaders who believe in our mission and are ready to join us as we work to improve the quality of education for every student in Chicago. If you are interested in becoming a CPS principal, email us at or call us at 773-553-1515 to find out more!

Visit our Apply Now page or learn more on our Eligibility Process page.
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Become Part Of The CPS Principal Candidate Pool

Becoming a Principal at CPS starts with membership in the CPS Principal Candidate Pool through the CPS Principal Eligibility Process.
Apply For Specific Principal Opportunities

After you successfully complete the CPS Principal Eligibility Process, start
applying for principal opportunities.